If you want more money, better relationships, better health, better quality work and more success, you first have to understand that you need to become a different person, you need to become a better version of who you are now.

While it would be nice to think a life-changing solution could be provided in a single planner the reality is a little more effort is required.

For those who are serious about changing their lives, looking to overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Eliminate procrastination and reach their goals through increased passion, productivity, and planning, thenthis set of journals is all you need.

Through guided prompts they work hand in hand to guide you through life to the destination you have in mind.

Collectively they work in tandem to act as your own personal life coach, transforming your old unhelpful habits into productive, self motivating ones.

Discover your strengths, reduce your weakensses by tapping into your spiritual guidance to manifest the long and short term goals of your dreams.

Each journal comes with its own set of instructions.

Gratitude Journal

Ranting Journal

Ever wanted a mentor or coach to keep you on track but simply don't have the time or resources to justify hiring one? Now you have an alternative.

The most productive formula to build health, wealth and success in your life.

Ideal for both men or women looking to turn their lives around, perfect for entrepeneurs, professionals, students or anyone wishing to turn their dreams into reality.

Each journal contains rougly 200 pages and can be used throughout the year, monitoring and improving 9 aspects of your life from career, family, health, relationships, wealth, education, spirituality, reputation and self development.

Using the principles of law of attraction, you will be able to monitor your emotions and focus on the vision of your future to achieve the success you desire. The planners are all undated so you can start, pause and resume anytime you like.

There is no chance of pages being wasted and feeling like you;ve fallen off the wagon if days get missed out.


The Gratitude Journal

In less than a few minutes at the start of each day, you write down what you are looking forward to that day. This sets you up and primes your mind for a good day ahead. Then each night you write the things you were grateful for to aid a restful night.

The Ranting Journal

These are like your loyal friends who patiently absorb all your concerns and anxieties and through questioning prompts lead you to more satisfactory emotions ensuring the Law of Attraction continues to work in your favour. The Ranting Journal allows extra space to vent your negative emotions and takes you through the steps to a successful outcome.

The Mood Change Journal

The Mood Journal talksyouthroughyour worries andconcerns, to a more productive conclusion. As the process of manifestation becomes easier through the course of the year you will find that these get used less and less as you are able to harness your emotions better.

The Manifestation Planner

The Manifestation Planner is your daily buddy, setting daily, weekly and monthly goals. You then monitor your feelings each day in order to help you discover triggers and behaviours which do not serve you.

It also contains vision boards and a description of the type of person you want to be become, letting the universe know in advance what your intentions are.

This allows you to assess your life and where you are now and highlight where you want to be. It helps you to not only create a new version of your life but also a new version of you. The planner helps you identify your passions and purpose and provides a clear path by which to achieve success.

Weekly and monthly reviews allow you to assess your progress to see if you are staying on track.